About Big Sandy Homecoming

Big Sandy Homecoming celebrates Big Sandy High School graduates, families and friends with a sesquicentennial event in Big Sandy, Montana. Keep in touch with our blog and Facebook pages and enjoy the unique small town nostalgia during the three-day extravaganza. You don’t have to be a graduate to participate – if you’ve ever called Big Sandy home, or even if you just wanted to, you are welcome to come home again!


It is the mission of each Big Sandy Homecoming Committee to plan and produce the best possible celebration of Big Sandy High School Alumni and Friends every fifth year, gathering individuals, groups, families, and organizations who have been a part of our small rural community, and helping to keep a treasured history of our home.

Home, hometown, and homecoming are words that have special meaning for folks who have lived in and around Big Sandy, Montana. Since 1950 when it began as an annual event, our town swells to three or four times it’s average daily population for a celebration that centers on Big Sandy High School. As the longstanding hub of our small town, it’s a common denominator among generations of folks who have or have wanted to, even if only for a little while, called Big Sandy home. It’s quite common for folks who call it home at all to call it home forever, even when they move on and live far away. Our ‘people’ are spread far and wide around the globe, and it’s not uncommon for us to make connections anywhere we go. Generations of Big Sandy High School graduates have remained dedicated to keeping this unique tradition alive. There is never a shortage of local couples to choose from when it’s time for an active Homecoming Committee to select the incoming men and women who will foster that community celebration for the next five years. It takes a great committee AND hundreds, even thousands, of people who love to come home again to rekindle old friendships and relive old memories.