Tell us about your Pioneer Heroes!

Hello Pioneers!! Here is an example of what we are wanting for our written Pioneer Hero submission. And we also would love video’s too!! Click Here for an example of one. This is part of our Saturday Night Program.

Pioneer Hero: Melina Bold Pester

This is Michelle Vielleux Danreuther, Class of 1980. One of my Pioneer Heroes is Melinda Bold Pester, also Class of 1980.

Melinda and I played Girls’ Basketball together. She showed up at every practice full of enthusiasm and drive. She practiced hard. Sometime during our Sophomore year it became apparent that she would probably not be a consistent starter. But she showed up for each season after that, always practicing against us and helping us get better. She did every conditioning drill, never sulked in the corner or complained about her playtime. She was inspirational in the locker room. Some may be tempted to call her a bench warmer. Melinda was nothing of the sort. She seldom” sat” on the bench. She was our team ‘”encourager”. Standing there with that “you can do this” expression on her face and in her body posture, she engaged in every play in every game—from the sidelines. If we got far enough ahead of the opposing team, coach would put her in to play. That point spread was a huge motivator for me—I wanted to see those points up there so she could get some court time. I’m not sure if she just liked basketball or truly liked being part of a team but she was a huge part in every success we enjoyed. In a culture of much emphasis on “Me” and “I”, Melinda modeled “We”. She is a true Pioneer Hero and her support and encouragement made a difference in the way I have lived my life.