In case you haven’t seen this post from @ Big Sandy Homecoming:PIONEER HEROES HOMECOMING 2020+1=2021 THE HOMECOMING THAT NEVER WAS! This has been a tough year, March 2020 to today!! We have planned, waited, and prayed for answers to help us decide if we would still be able to have our postponed Homecoming in June, 2021.

After visiting with our Local Health Department and looking through the CDC guidelines there are still so many uncertainties, guidelines, and “rules”. The one rule that kind of broke the camel’s back is cleaning all the restrooms / port-a-pots every 2 hours! We do not know if we would have a great turn out due to the pandemic and all of the what “ifs”.

We do not want to be the committee that is remembered as “they brought the pandemic to our hometown and got everyone sick” or even worse. So, it is with great sadness that we have chosen to cancel Homecoming 2020+1. The next Homecoming will be in 2025 guided by a new committee. We are still going to print 500 of the Pioneer Heroes Homecoming Book 2020, so if anyone would like to get a book, please reach out to us. They will be available for a donation of any amount. We are hoping to have a payment option set up on our website soon if you choose to not send a check.

  • Calvin & Michelle Danreuther
  • Darin & Lisa Genereux
  • Don & Dolly Weaver
  • Jeff & Barbie Herzog