King and Queen 2020

It was a great night in the BSHS auditorium last evening. The Pioneer Heroes Homecoming 2020 King and Queen were crowned – Kade Strutz and Katherine Bold from the Class of 2021. Congratulations!

King Kade Strutz and Queen Katherine Bold

If you didn’t watch the crowning in person or via Facebook live it isn’t too late. The video is archived and available to watch!! We really hope you take the time to do so. We would like to thank the Big Sandy School administration, staff, and teachers for finding a way that we could still have a crowning and honor the candidates. The auditorium was a great place to have the crowning, as many alumni will remember walking across that stage to receive their high school diploma! Below are a few snapshots from the evening. Everyone pictured is a Pioneer Hero!!

Class of 2023, Malaysia Baumann and Kody Strutz (back left); Class of 2022, Amiya Griffith and Hestin Cook (center back); Class of 2021 Katherine Bold and Kade Strutz (back right); Class of 2025, Ryder Oats and Kaya Demontiney (front left); Class of 2024, Tosha Allderdice and Reinhard Bold (front right)

P.S. : If you notice some names in common, that’s because there are some family ties among the candidates. Queen Katherine and Candidate Reinhard are brother and sister, King Kade and Candidate Kody are brothers, and Candidate Amiya and Queen Representative Leah are are mother and daughter.