Memorial Page Guidelines for 2020

Pioneer Heroes Homecoming 2020 Memorial Page Guidelines:

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a page in memory of your classmate or loved one. Pricing is Full page $100, ½ page$50, ¼ page $25. DUE BY 12-31-2019

The staff at The Mountaineer works with the material you send and they suggest the following:

You can mail in a picture (or pictures) and the written information.
Mail: Homecoming 2020, PO Box 437, Big Sandy MT 59520.

You can email pictures and information. If you wish to email, please write any specific wording you would like in a Word document and attach to the email so it can be edited to fit the space by the staff.

Send photos in a .pdf file as an attachment – not in the body of the Word document or email message – and with a higher resolution for clarity.

If sending more than one picture, please send each .pdf individually. One or two photos seem nicer than several unless you choose a full page.

You can stop by the Mountaineer during office hours and they will scan pictures onto their computer and work on the wording with you.
Mountaineer office hours: M-Tue 8-5, Wed-Friday 8-1.

The Mountaineer will not handle payment. Make check payable to Homecoming and mail to: Homecoming 2020, PO Box 437, Big Sandy MT 59520.

Pictures will be printed in black and white.

You can choose any specific wording you would like, or add a saying or poem, etc. If there is any certain type of clip art that you would like in your memorial please specify: cats, flowers, horses, basketball—whatever would pay tribute.

The honoree’s name will be spelled exactly as you specify. Please include graduation year if it applies.