Check the Mail…

You should have your Homecoming Letter by now!

Celebrate Me Home is coming to Big Sandy June 19, 20, and 21, 2015. This will be a Centennial year – 100 years of Pioneers.

Registration forms will be ready in January of 2015, and you will have the option of signing up here on this website.

It’s a good time to purchase a Memorial Page in memory of a loved one who has passed away since last Homecoming, or who has never been in the memorial book. A full page is $100, one-half page is $50, and a quarter-page is $25. The cost includes photos or text of your choice, which can be emailed through this website or mailed to the Homecoming Committee (see the About page for details). The deadline for memorial material is January 15, 2015, for inclusion in the printing of the booklet.

Finding a place to stay while you enjoy the festivities is important, and there are several options available. You can make arrangements to stay at the Big Sandy RV Park (call 406-788-2534), Q’s Motel (406-378-2389), or call or email the committee for information about homes, rooms and campers for rent from local residents for the weekend.

Are you in touch with foreign exchange students or classmates that didn’t graduation from BSHS but went to school with you? Invite them to Homecoming! Share the web address (either .com or .org) or Like our Facebook page and share the link. If you need help learning how, call, email, or message as best you can and we’ll give you a hand!

There is much more in the letter – if you or someone you know would like a copy and didn’t get one, please share the address with the committee. On the other hand, if you prefer email, or would like your address taken off the list for any reason, please notify the committee as soon as possible.