Pioneer Heroes Homecoming 2020 – Book Project Begins

from The Mountaineer

The first spring meeting had a special agenda: The Homecoming Book. The 2020 committee tried to gather names of people who had helped put the book together in the past and invited them to come share input. We dubbed this a meeting of  “The Wise” and  “The Unwise.” Your current committee was the full cast of the unwise—but can now say we are slightly informed. The ladies who joined us were a treasure trove of information on all aspects concerning the homecoming book. Tracy Schuster, Dianna Webster, and Leslie Gregory took time to join us for a couple hours and share suggestions. The committee ladies present included Lisa Genereux, Michelle Danreuther and Barbie Herzog. Dolly Weaver was set to come but spring runoff had her road under water and none of us wanted her to wade across! Several others visited with us by phone. We have copious notes and a framework for a course of action. There are many things to consider: memorial pages, book size, highlights and class photos from the last 5 years, cover paper and much much more. One of Tracy’s suggestions was to consider ads as the book is very expensive without that help. Leslie briefed us on many facets of the actual printing process as she has worked on the layout. Dianna added tidbits of information to all that the others shared.

The latest meeting focused on ideas for the logo. Darin Genereux had asked the Big Sandy High School art teacher, Jessica Jaramillo, to have her students draw up a few suggestions to get us started. The ideas they submitted inspired us to sift through and talk about what we would like to see in a final design. The class sketches saved us several hours. Barbie and Dolly now have some guidelines to help in their work with a graphic designer. Thank you very much to the Heroes of the art class for your input.

The Facebook page at Big Sandy Homecoming is available for posting pictures of last homecoming or writing a little tribute to one (or more) of your school years’ Heroes. The web page at has information and a link to contact us if you should like. Please remember to let us know of address changes as they happen. We are truly appreciative of all the people who offer suggestions or roll up their sleeves to make Homecoming happen every 5 years—they are truly Heroes! Other Heroes are those of you who will keep June 19-21, 2020, on your calendars and make plans to return to town for all the festivities.