Homecoming 2020 …?

2020 Homecoming? That is a question that the committee dealt with recently. Our short answer is—yes, at this point—an explanation follows.

Amid the federal and state suggestions about limiting the spread of the COVID-19 virus we discussed a simple question—what about Homecoming? We decided it is too early to know what the next month brings so we will wait another month and assess what is going on with this pandemic. What that means is we are not putting the registration forms into the mail right now as planned, but will hold onto them (and the postage dollars) until sometime after mid April when we reassess how things are going.

Right now we are still trying to find if there is a way to expand Wi-Fi in Big Sandy during Homecoming. We are refining our option to register and pay online. The book will be ready for final proofing soon and the details of the program are chugging along. There is a tentative schedule and the caterer has finalized a tantalizing menu. So, planning continues with an eye on what happens in the nation.