Drumroll Please…Committee 2025!

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From the Class of 1977 – Rick and Brenda Darlington

From the Classes of 1981 and 1984 – Steve and Michelle Bahnmiller

From the Classes of 1991 and 1994 – Scott and Heather Pleninger

From the Classes of 1994 and 1997 – Brandon and Kristin Gasvoda

Congratulations Committee!

And may we take a moment to thank the 2020 Committee for all they’ve done without the thrill of seeing their plans and dreams for another great weekend in Big Sandy come true…

It was a rough go, but you did what needed to be done with your heads high and your hearts in the right place. Thanks for preserving our most treasured of traditions! …Hats Off to Thee!!!!

Barbie and Jeff Herzog

Darin and Lisa Genereux

Cal and Michelle Danreuther

Dolly and Don Weaver