Homecoming News January 2015

by Vicki Silvan

Right around the corner there’s to be a celebration. We’re “Celebrating You Home.” Our theme is “Celebrate Me Home”and we’re celebrating all BSHS Pioneers.
On June 19, 20, 21, 2015 the Big Sandy Pioneers Alumni, faculty and friends will be gathering in Big Sandy for the celebration of 100 years of schooling in Big Sandy (98 years of graduates from BSHS). Close enough – we’re celebrating 100 years of Pioneers.
The Homecoming Committee has been meeting and we are excited with all the progress and the volunteers that are ‘stepping up’ to help. Their help is very appreciated.
We would like to remind all to keep the memorials coming in. We are preparing to print the Homecoming book and want to make sure all memorials make it onto the pages of the book and are not last minute inserts. The deadline to get your memorials published in the book was January 15, 2015. Please mail info, pictures and money to P.O. Box 437, Big Sandy, MT 59520.
We are looking for several people (perhaps an organization) that are interested in offering supervised child care during the weekend. Call or drop us a note if you are interested.
As the time gets closer if the classmate who is hosting their class gathering would please let the committee know, we will have it posted on the information board on Main Street. We are still looking for people who have spare rooms, campers, camp sites, or any kind of lodging you can offer. Let us know and we can post it. Contact people are: Joleen Williams, Ann Bitz, Nona Danreuther, and Vicki Silvan.
Homecoming 2015 is coming and we’re all looking forward to seeing you all.

Homecoming 2015 News

Are your calendars marked for June 19, 20, 21, 2015? In less than a year we will be celebrating our 15th Homecoming and 100 years of Pioneers – Celebrating You Home.

In January we will be mailing out the registration forms.The Homecoming Committee is meeting regularly and we are excited with all the plans as they are coming together.

Two of our urgent concerns at the present time: memorial pages and housing.
We encourage everyone who wants to purchase a memorial page to “just do it,” and do it soon. Take a moment and jot down information about your loved one – for example date of birth, date of death, class year, favorite sayings or quotes, a short sentiment, a list of accomplishments… – and find a picture or several as well. Decide how much room on a page it will take for the material you have in mind (a whole 8.5 X 11 inches is $100, a half-page is $50, or quarter-page is $25) and send the material by mail or email with a check reflecting the size of the page you would like. If you have questions or would like some help just contact one of the committee members. The deadline is January 10, 2015, which will sneak up on you faster than you think – only 18 Fridays until Christmas! Also if you’d like to help on the building of the book, drop us a note or give us a call.
The other concern we have is housing. Big Sandy has an RV park and Q’s Motel. There are motels in Havre, but if anyone has a room to rent in Big Sandy or out in the country, a spot for a camper, or other housing options please let the committee know so we can have a list available for those seeking a place to stay close by. We already have requests!
We’ll keep you informed as projects progress. See you in June 2015!
Your Homecoming Committee,
Randy & Joleen Williams
Rusty & Nona Danreuther
Larry & Ann Bitz
Phil & Vicki Silvan

Celebrate Me Home – Information



Greetings from The 2015 Homecoming Committee. Please mark your calendars for June 19, 20, 21, and 2015 – the dates for the next Big Sandy Pioneer Homecoming. We are excited for the coming months of planning and preparation for the event. We hope you are looking forward to the gathering with anticipation also!


The first invitations have been mailed to alumni. Even though we attempted to have accurate addresses, we have had a few returned in the mail. If you receive the Mountaineer but haven’t received your letter, please let us know so we can update your address.


We will celebrate Big Sandy High School Students from 1915 to 2015 with the parade theme “100 Years of Pioneers: The Past, The Present, The Future.” Start thinking of your float entry!


Check out our facebook page and the website, http://www.bigsandyhomecoming.com or bigsandyhomecoming.org. You can email us at info@bigsandyhomecoming.com with your email service (soon through the website as well).


You may purchase a memorial page for any loved ones who have passed away since last Homecoming OR who have never been listed in the book. Prices are $100 – full page,

$50 – ½ page, and $25 – ¼ page. A photo can be added to the memorial at no extra cost & can be emailed to us so you don’t have to part with the photo. Send memorial information & payment to us at PO Box 437, Big Sandy. Photo can be mailed also or emailed to nonadanreuther@yahoo.com. Please send memorial info to us NOW, as soon as you can, but definitely BEFORE January 15, 2015 to be included in the printing.


Housing is something we want to address this homecoming. We have heard that alumni would prefer to stay in Big Sandy if more accommodations were available. It won’t take long to fill the motel. Do you have a home, a room, a camper that you would rent out? Please contact Joleen Williams at 386-2267 if you can offer space to visiting alumni. We would love to have a list available when someone contacts us with a request.


Be sure to watch the Mountaineer, website, and Facebook page for future updates. The itinerary, registration forms, and general information will be announced in the coming months. We are looking forward to Celebrating You Home. Your 2015 Homecoming Committee Members: Phil (’69) & Vicki (’68) Silvan, Randy (’72) & Joleen (’76) Williams, Rusty (’73) & Nona (’73) Danreuther, Larry (’78) & Ann (’78) Bitz


Check the Mail…

You should have your Homecoming Letter by now!

Celebrate Me Home is coming to Big Sandy June 19, 20, and 21, 2015. This will be a Centennial year – 100 years of Pioneers.

Registration forms will be ready in January of 2015, and you will have the option of signing up here on this website.

It’s a good time to purchase a Memorial Page in memory of a loved one who has passed away since last Homecoming, or who has never been in the memorial book. A full page is $100, one-half page is $50, and a quarter-page is $25. The cost includes photos or text of your choice, which can be emailed through this website or mailed to the Homecoming Committee (see the About page for details). The deadline for memorial material is January 15, 2015, for inclusion in the printing of the booklet.

Finding a place to stay while you enjoy the festivities is important, and there are several options available. You can make arrangements to stay at the Big Sandy RV Park (call 406-788-2534), Q’s Motel (406-378-2389), or call or email the committee for information about homes, rooms and campers for rent from local residents for the weekend.

Are you in touch with foreign exchange students or classmates that didn’t graduation from BSHS but went to school with you? Invite them to Homecoming! Share the web address (either .com or .org) or Like our Facebook page and share the link. If you need help learning how, call, email, or message as best you can and we’ll give you a hand!

There is much more in the letter – if you or someone you know would like a copy and didn’t get one, please share the address with the committee. On the other hand, if you prefer email, or would like your address taken off the list for any reason, please notify the committee as soon as possible.