Nominations for Pioneer Heros

Hey Big Sandy Pioneers! We are looking for your “Pioneer Heroes” for the program on Saturday night, June 20, 2020. We are wanting a brief video or written statement telling us about your Pioneer Hero – who they are, why they are your hero, what they have done to impact you and/or society, etc.
Think about classmates or friends who are alumni (living or deceased) who might fit into any of these categories:
*Arts: Dance, music, photography, painting, acting, literature, etc.
*Science: Research, teaching, etc.
*Business: Agricultural, finance, retail, construction, etc.
*Military: Current, retired, or deceased.
*Service: Volunteering, championing a cause, “Pay-it-Forward”, attitude, etc.
*Religion: Missionary, pastoral, etc.
*Sports: Coach, bench warmers with great attitude, mentors, supporters, etc.
*Careers: Doctor, lawyer, nurse, teacher, politician, etc.
Maybe your hero doesn’t fit any of these categories, just tell us about them in your own words!!!
Please send your hero videos or written statements to: by October 1, 2019. Sooner the better. We are hoping to use your heroes for promotion & production of Homecoming 2020. By sending us your Live video and/or statements (with pictures if you like), you are giving us the right to use them for our program at Homecoming 2020!!
Stay tuned for an example of what we are wanting and talking about.
Thank you,
Big Sandy Homecoming Committee 2020